Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Post!

This is my very first post! I really hope that I am able to keep up with this blog but so much has happened this year that I wanted to document my journey and update everyone on life!

First of all, Logan is getting so big! He is learning new things everyday. He's two years old and stubborn just like his momma. haha! I am amazed that I had a part in creating something so beautiful.

Matt is doing great. He's currently in Gulfport, Mississippi for military training but he loves working for Coca-Cola. Our marriage is the strongest it has been...ever. We're daily working to grow closer to the Lord and each other. It's strange but all of the crazy things that happened in 2009 were all WORTH it because in the end we have grown so much stronger as a couple. I love him with all of my heart and I know that he feels the same about me.

In November 2009, I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks pregnant. I was completely devastated and heartbroken. It's four months later and I still struggle with the fact that I lost a baby. It was something that I never thought would happen to me. I never imagined the hurt that I felt when I lost it either. I would not wish those feelings on anyone. But my loss helped me come to the realization that changes needed to be made in my life.

Fast forward to February 2010! Matt and I discussed that I need to start taking better care of myself by eating healthier and exercising. My blood pressure has been crazy high lately and my overall health is poor. So...we made a deal that I would work out...achieve weight loss goals...and then try again for another baby! I couldn't be happier and excited!

So...I joined the Couch to 5K training program at RunnersWorld with my friend, Brooke to jumpstart my weightloss and exercise! I was so happy that I saw her Facebook postings about joining this training group because I would not have done it alone. We recently completed our first 5K! We did the St. Patrick's Day race on March 13th. It was great! We walked/ran it and completed the 5K in under an hour. I finished in 46 minutes. Not too bad for a chubby girl who walked/ran the race! Haha!

One of my goals is to run the whole thing! Although, I think doing the walk/jog intervals are a great way to get started, I plan to build up to the point where I do not have to walk anymore.

I saw a pregnant woman running during the St. Patrick's race...and it really motivated me. One of my running buddies said...that will be you soon! I had shared my goal of being fit and pregnant in fall 2010 with this running buddy so it was very encouraging for her to say that to me! I want this next pregnancy to be very different from my first with Logan. I want to continue working out. I do not want to have gestational diabetes again. I want to enjoy my pregnancy and not loathe it due to feeling completely uncomfortable and HUGE.

I have lost a couple of pounds so far but I have a lot more to go! I want to keep everyone updated on my progress with this blog as well as share what is going on with my family of 3! Hopefully, by the end of my weight loss journey...you'll all get an announcement of a Young Family of 4! :)